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Offering a wide and vibrantly alive collection of tiles, Range has become an adorable name in ceramic industry.

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Shinemica Laminate exports to countries like U.S.A, U.K, Kenya, Katar, Kuwait, Australia, Africa, Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka.

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Wide range of tiles

We have wide range of tiles with many colors, sizes and quality to choose and its Range Tiles.

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Unlimited Colors

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Wide raqnge

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Crystal tiles

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Most welcome to Shinemica Laminates Pvt. Ltd., dynamic, professionally managed, Interior Infrastructure Company. We at Advance Laminates are highly equipped with the ultra modern machinery to change the notion of laminates industries by creating new perception of high-pressure decorative laminates with compatible collection of Ever Green Cool Colors, Solid Colors, Metals, Wood Grains and unique finishes as per latest trends.